Morten Olesen. Autodidact amateur photographer.

Hi, my name is Morten 38 years and lives in Esbjerg in the Western part of Denmark, Scandinavia.

I started photographing in year 2000 when i bought my first small point and shoot camera - a Canon Ixus.
After a study trip in high school I got more and more interested in photography. Shortly after I upgraded to a Canon G-series camera.

In 2004 I got my very first DSLR - a Canon EOS 10D. 
Since then I have bought and sold various items but I keep on track with Canon. 

What do I photograph?

When I started out as a photographer I was mostly interested in aviation photography, but since then I've moved into other areas as well.

Today I mostly do Nature/Landscape, Travel and Photojournalism.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me.